Maximize Results of your eDetailing

eDetailing a great tool for educating reps, physicians and potential patients with an engaging and rememerable experience.   It provides the information they want and available around their busy schedules.  eDetailing provides the perfect pitch 24/7 without a sick day or vacation.

Now add in the best-practices of funnel innovation and automation to present, educate, nurture and build trust to convert your leads to new customers.  Create onboarding funnels to reduce reps time to production or improve customer experience through a series of educational videos, best practices, additional products and services.  The possibilities are almost limitless.

Here’s a quick example of a custom funnel to help you visualize the possibilities.  You can click on the image to make it larger.

Example eDetailing Campaign
edetailing marketing funnel example

Funnel Design

We have the expertise you need in designing a custom funnel around your future customer’s decision making process that will attract and retain your ideal customers.

Funnel Development

Don’t have the development team to build successful funnels?  We have you covered.  Our experts can build your funnel quickly using the right tools and components and integrated into your existing sales and marketing infrastructure.

Funnel Traffic

We can also help you load the funnel whether it’s using your existing lead list, social media or paid advertising, we can build a successful package to drive highly targeted traffic to your new funnel.