Health Care Providers

Save time and find new revenue opportunities. We know that professionals like you have less and less time today to meet with sales reps and dig through marketing pamphlets. The average doctor now prefers sales meetings that are less than 10 minutes each and can typically only meet with one or two reps a week. With Permedly, not only can you and your staff review comprehensive details on new products in your own time but you can also identify great new opportunities to improve your business’s bottom line as well. We’re going to make things so much easier for you.

Run a Better Practice, Completely for Free

Find New Treatment Options

We work with the nation’s leading “personalized health care” solution providers to offer you more options. With permedly, your practice keeps up with what’s available.

Less Sales Meetings

You, the Health Care Provider, decide when you need to speak with a sale representative! Permedly allow doctors to schedule sales calls as they need them, on demand.

Refreshingly Painless Orders

Whether submitting a specialized prescription, ordering lab tests, or buying new things for your practice. Our system makes orders painlessly easy.

personalized medicine reps

Key Benefits

»  Comprehensive product information on the best new products in personalized medicine.

»  Easy ordering process for all products. Click, complete, send.

»  Communicate with sales reps on-demand through in-platform messaging.

»  Revenue opportunities to improve your practice’s bottom line.

»  Stay up-to-date on the best in Personalized Medicine through our growing network of awesome partner companies.

» Order forms in Editable PDF format that auto-populates with your information.