Independent Marketing Reps

You have the right relationships with the right healthcare providers. Now you need the right products to bring to market. With the Permedly Platform, not only will you have access to great products to bring to your doctors, you’ll also have a competitive edge over the competition. By utilizing the eDetailing solutions within Permedly, your doctors will now be able to self-educate more on products (beyond your sales meetings) and place orders quickly when they’re ready to buy. Permedly can dramatically improve your business – learn more below.

The Competitive Edge You’ve Been Looking For

One Platform, The Best Products

Permedly makes it refreshingly simple for your doctors to learn their options and order products or services from our amazing group of partners.

Scalable Marketing Performance

Our referral commission model means you get paid for every purchase made by the doctors that you sign up. As we add partners, your options keep growing.

Keep in Touch in New Ways

Our reps stay in communication with their doctors through Permedly’s messaging features – allowing you to highlight new products and opportunities regularly.

personalized medicine reps

Key Benefits

»  Comprehensive product information supported by in-depth sales training guides for every product on the platform.

»  Access to a growing scope of sales opportunities as partners join the platform.

»  Set up accounts for your doctor’s offices to allow them to self-educate even when you aren’t there.

» Earn commissions on anything ordered by your doctor within the platform, even those products you haven’t focused attention on.

»  Increase healthcare provider adoption through video product overviews, testimonials, training and how-to’s.

» Order forms in Editable PDF format that auto-populates with the physicians information.

» Templated training across products so you always know the information you need to bring products to market.

»  Improve support to your healthcare providers through our private messaging system.