Pharmacies, Labs and Medical Suppliers

You can have the best products and services in the market, but if you don’t engage the right healthcare providers, your vision will not become reality.  To do that, you need to leverage the latest sales and marketing strategies to build awareness and trust with these providers and their practice.  The permedly platform does just that by providing you the tools to efficiently build a nationwide team of experienced medical sales reps.

Widen Your Reach with Permedly

Reach Doctors Everywhere

We market our platform so that you get more active users viewing your products. When a rep markets Permedly, they market you.

Super Simple Management

We’ve built Permedly to make it easy to use for companies like yours. We walk you through every step to get started and add your products to our platform.

Ready to Grow Your Business

When we accept new partners, we believe in their products and bring them to our network. Our sales referral fees are industry leading – it’s a no-brainer.

personalized medicine reps

Key Benefits


»  Immediate access to a national network of experienced indepedent medical and pharmaceutical sales reps.

»  Reduce sales team costs by leveraging independent sales reps that have strong relationships with the right specialty relationships.

»  Sign-up more healthcare providers by following best practices for sales enablement and edetailing.

» Reduce your field reps time-to-production by following our consistent easy-to-digest templates.

»  Increase healthcare provider adoption through video product overviews, testimonials, training and how-to’s.

» Set-up and order forms in Editable PDF format that auto-populates with the physicians information.

» Roll-out new products and updates in hours not weeks in our collaborative pratform  with reps and healthcare providers.

»  Improve support to your reps and healthcare providers through our private messaging system.